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Kickoff Meeting



University of Cagliari

1-3 July 2021

Kickoff Meeting

University of Cagliari
1-3 July 2021
to be announced


  • Reflections and scenarios for the European Union of 27 countries towards 2025.

  • The future of European integration.

  • Resilience.

  • Strengthening European identity.

  • European solidarity during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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About the project

What is ResiliEurope?

"ResiliEurope - European Citizens, Islands, Territories and Resilience" promotes intercultural dialogue and the participation of European citizens in the life of the European Union, combining the concept of solidarity with that of resilience. Addressing the issue of European solidarity today, in correlation with the concept of resilience, is equivalent to strengthening and structuring an European context capable of organizing itself positively in the face of difficulties, according to Recovery Fund and SURE. It is therefore necessary to build an European network involving European citizens of member states and citizens of states included in the Union's enlargement policy, as an expression of the world of local authorities and associations, with the aim of creating a debate that prevents a lowering of the level of internal cohesion of the European Union. Resilience, insularity, solidarity are the cornerstones of a conscious active European citizenship.

To encourage a debate between citizens, involving Mediterranean, Eastern European and Northern European countries in a European perspective, starting from the limits and strengths of today's tools to practice solidarity policies capable of overcoming the nationalist regurgitations of the recent years, it is a concrete way to give breath and hope to a pro-European vision that is, and must continue to be, indispensable.

ResiliEurope intends to offer a concrete contribution to the current European debate in a resilient key, transforming the current difficulties facing the Union and its citizens into elements of reflection capable of effectively tackling the difficulties. Solidarity also understood as reciprocity, comparing different models, different economies, different difficulties, with a single response inspired by the common sharing of the founding values of the European Union, at the time of Covid-19.








Due to the 19 pandemic, the order of events, dates and host organizations may change-19 pandemic, the events are being defined.

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